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Central Air Conditioning Service, Repair, and Installation

Sweating through hot summers and shivering during cold winters? Your central air conditioning system is your answer to year-round comfort. At Controlled Air Heating and Cooling, we get how vital a reliable central air system is for Comox, Cumberland, Courtenay, Parksville, Campbell River, Nanaimo, and beyond. Our services cover central air repairs and maintenance ensuring your comfort is a priority.

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Struggling with Inconsistent Comfort? We're Your Solution!

Picture this: after a scorching day, you come home craving cool air, but your AC lets you down. Frustrating, right? No worries — Controlled Air Heating and Cooling has your back. Our specialists tackle central air problems head-on. No more enduring extreme temperatures when relief is just a call away.

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Signs of Trouble: Is Your AC Trying to Tell You Something?

Weak, warm air flow from vents? Mysterious leaks? Strange odors? Silence after winter? Your AC is signaling for help, and we're here to lend a hand. Controlled Air Heating and Cooling experts swiftly tackle these problems, preventing them from escalating.

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Comprehensive Central Air Conditioning Service: Fresh, Clean Air for You

With Controlled Air Heating and Cooling's central air service, you're not just getting a check-up. We include these in our service:

  • Filters checked, cleaned, and changed as needed

  • Deep cleaning to fight mold and bacteria

  • Housing inspection and cleaning

  • Check for worn-out components

  • Thorough coil cleaning and inspection

  • Airflow optimization at vents

  • Blockage checks for smooth operation

  • Control review and programming for peak performance

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Trust in Controlled Air Heating and Cooling for Total Comfort

We're not just fixers; we're your partners in year-round comfort. Our dedicated team is your go-to for central air know-how in British Columbia. Whether it's fixing or maintaining, we've got you covered. With Controlled Air Heating and Cooling, you're never alone in battling extreme temperatures.

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Say no to discomfort. Reach out to Controlled Air Heating and Cooling for optimal comfort. Book your central air service now, and experience the difference we make. Join countless happy customers who've found comfort through our expertise. Your comfort matters.

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