Is Your Appliance Ready for the Colder Weather?

Is Your Appliance Ready for the Colder Weather?

When the weather starts to turn, it is imperative that your HVAC system is prepared. Outside of hiring professionals like those at Controlled Air Heating and Cooling, what steps can you take in order to make sure that your system is ready for the stresses that come along with heating during cold weather. Learn a little about how to prepare your residential or commercial HVAC system for the winter and schedule your maintenance call with us today to be sure that you stay warm inside this season.

Replace Filter

Replace Your Filters

Depending on what sort of environment your HVAC unit is located in, you will find different levels of buildup in your air filters that can heavily affect the system’s ability to properly function. When going into the winter months where you will heavily rely on your heating system, it is crucial that you keep a pulse on the health of your air filters and swap them out when appropriate.

Clean Air Ducts

Clean Your Ducts

One of the focal points for failure within an HVAC system is in the ducts themselves. Over time, dust and dirt can build up within your vents, impacting air’s ability to efficiently flow throughout your home. Additionally, dirty ducts can rapidly decrease the functioning of your air filters and lead to you replacing them more often than is needed. The key idea here is to make sure that your HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency at every junction.

Winterize Unit

Winterize Your Unit

While individual exterior HVAC units are generally built to endure a variety of different weather conditions, that doesn’t mean that they are invulnerable. It is best to take steps to winterize and protect these units from the potential for ice buildup and debris when they are operating at high capacity during the cold season.

Warm Unit

Warm Up Your System

While it can be tempting to wait until you are in dire need of heat to turn on your HVAC appliance, you should take it for a test run beforehand. Turning on your furnace a few times before you are consistently using the system allows the system to shake off the metaphorical cobwebs and will help you spot any potential issues so that you can address them before winter has settled in. Don’t get stuck in the cold — be proactive!

Hesitating when dealing with HVAC system maintenance can cost you time and money, while also leaving your home or office out in the cold. It is best to make sure that your system is ready for the winter before the weather has a chance to prove otherwise.

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