Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Service, Repair, and Replacement

Your heat pump keeps your home comfortable all year long. If your heat pump system isn’t functioning properly, it may be taking longer than usual to heat or cool your home, or you may see a spike in your energy bill. If this is the case, you should consider having your heat pump serviced by the professionals at Controlled Air Heating and Cooling on Vancouver Island. Our team provides heat pump services, repair, and replacement throughout Vancouver Island. Give us a call today to learn more about our heat pump services.

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We Honour the Warranty of Every Make and Model Heat Pump

When you work with Controlled Air Heating and Cooling, you can be confident that we will honour your warranty no matter the make and model of your heat pump. Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in heat pump repair and service and we are here to help.

What’s Included in Our Heat Pump Service Call

When you call Controlled Air Heating and Cooling to service your heat pump, you can always expect us to conduct the following services:

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  • Filter change

  • Check electric backup function

  • Inspect and add to refrigeration levels

  • Check compressor amp draw

  • Electrical component inspection

  • Check to defrost and operating pressure

  • Condenser fan inspection

  • Program controls and thermostat

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We Service and Repair All Manufacturers of Heat Pumps

No matter which brand heat pump you have in your home, Controlled Air Heating and Cooling can service and repair it. If you find yourself needing a new heat pump, we proudly install heat pumps.

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